Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

30 January, 2008

[CARTOON] Life Insurance

28 January, 2008

[CARTOON] Penguins

26 January, 2008

[CARTOON] Speeding Ticket

16 January, 2008


The shelf life on this cartoon was a bit short. Between the time it was sent to a newspaper editor in Toronto on Monday, and the day he runs one of my cartoons on Thursday, the snow dumped by a big winter storm had already melted. Maybe next winter...

12 January, 2008

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10 January, 2008

[CARTOON] Price of Oil

You know you're old when you can remember the price of oil being $9 a barrel. Dang, I knew I should of bought a few barrels back then....

Cartoon published January 10, 2008
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

08 January, 2008

[CARTOON] Dinosaur Exhibit

Over the holiday season, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto opened up a new Dinosaur exhibit. Centre stage was a complete Dinosaur (all the bones I mean) which was forgotten and scattered in various vaults and drawers in the museum's basement since the 1930s. Who knows what they'd find if they go looking again... a Poodullsaurus? The most fearsome Fifi?

06 January, 2008

01 January, 2008

[CARTOON] New Years

Cartoon published January 3, 2008
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000