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The life and cartoons of Johnny Ancich

The life and cartoons of Johnny Ancich

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18 September, 2014

[CARTOON] iCloud Security

iCloud Security

Cartoon about entertainment, celebrity, computers, internet, iPhone, social

Inspired by the hacking of celebrity phones and the leak of their private photos online. Years ago, Paris Hilton's phone was 'hacked' into when the hacker simply guessed her password. Her password was the name of her dog, Tinkerbell.

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14 September, 2014

[CARTOON] Gorillas Gone Wild

Gorillas Gone Wild

Cartoon about entertainment, movie, animals, celebrity

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09 September, 2014

[CARTOON] The Fappening - Celebgate

The Fappening - Celebgate

Cartoon about entertainment, tragedy, Apple, crime, internet, video


Inspired by the August 2014 celebrity photo leaks

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02 September, 2014

8th Anniversary has now been online for 8 years!

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