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The life and cartoons of Johnny Ancich

The life and cartoons of Johnny Ancich

Welcome to my blog! If you see a cartoon that you really like, please share and/or like. Thank you.

18 April, 2014


Gay Egg


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10 April, 2014

[CARTOON] Wedding Perceptions

Cartoon about men, religion, relationships, women

Based on a joke I heard recently; now cartoonized for you.

05 April, 2014

[CARTOON] Invention of the Wheel

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25 March, 2014

[LIFE] 46th Birthday

March 25, 2014: Today I'm 46. Yes, it's time for my annual birthday post. Throughout the year I've kept track of which song I will choose to be the official song of my birthday. Something that 'speaks' to me and touches on what has been a year of drudgery. As the years go by, I will eventually have a soundtrack of my life. This year's choice is:

Everyday Is Exactly The Same by Nine Inch Nails

Honorable mention (2nd place) goes to this gem that I literally found in the past week. Describes my experiences with online dating to a tee (minus the pretty girl, minus the sex, minus the wonderful conversation, etc). Sooner Or Later by Mat Kearney

Comments are greatly appreciated.



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