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19 October, 2010

[CARTOON] Chilean Miner's Mistress

[CARTOON] Chilean Miner's Mistress. cartoon, Chile, men, miner, news, safety, women, relationships, Barbie

Cartoon image of Johnny Ancich. Creator of Past Expiry Cartoon.

One of the miners trapped underground for more than two months in Chile (Yonni Barrios, 50, miner #21) has been offered $100,000 to become the face of a controversial dating website (an online service for married people looking to have extramarital affairs). While he was busy being trapped underground, Mr Barrios's wife of 28 years found out he had been seeing another woman for five years after his mistress began keeping a vigil near the Chile mine. One picture showed his mistress holding a statue of the virgin Mary, while keeping vigil. I think this will make the movie version, for sure.

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