Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

15 November, 2012

[CARTOON] Free Bacon!

Cartoon about animals, food, illness, pigs,

All about bacon!


Ely North said...

What kind of fool sees a burnt pig and thinks, "I gotta get this swine to the hospital!"? Probably a vegetarian. Figures.

Colleen said...

Ha with all the hoo ha about bacon this cartoon should be a hit

Johnny Ancich said...

Perhaps a Peta member took the poor pig to a hospital but then could not fight the urge to eat REAL food, and not tofu-burgers with wheat grass.

Johnny Ancich said...

Oh, I forgot to mention to people that don't know: a 3rd degree burn is right down to the bone. So the cooked flesh (bacon) should just fall off the bone.... mmmmmmm....

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