Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

08 December, 2010

[CARTOON] Gift Wrap

[CARTOON] Gift Wrap. relationships, holiday, gifts, cartoon

Cartoon image of Johnny Ancich. Creator of Past Expiry Cartoon.

For those that don't understand this cartoon, try tilting your head to the right, then tilt it to the left, to see. Note: not aimed and my readers!

Save money on gift wrap this season: Use the comics section of your local paper instead (with crappy cartoons facing the box).

I bought my friend some gift-wrap for Christmas. I took it to the gift-wrap counter and told them to wrap it, but in different paper, so he'd know when to stop unwrapping.

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Patricia Lynne said...

OMG That is hilarious! I love it!

Mother Theresa said...

LOL! Excellent!

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