Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

21 November, 2018

Feliz Navidad? No! Feces Navidad!

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03 September, 2018

[CARTOON] Back to School

Back to school (cartoon 0329). Some people see the childhood obesity problem, while others see fat adults going back to school for re-training. Deep, huh?
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LINK: https://rdbl.co/2PxuebE

26 February, 2018

[MUSIC] Big Bang- Haru Haru *English subs*

Cute as hell actress Park Min Young
+ The biggest band in Korea
= Awesome music video that tells a story with a huge twist near the end

Haru Haru = Day by Day.
(Play LOUD)

01 February, 2018

[Music] Bring Me to Life (The K2 mash-up)

Interesting find on YouTube. An orchestral rendition of a rock song I like that originally had female vocals (male vocals by sung by Jai McDowall), combined with various scenes from the Korean drama "The K2", starring Yoona.