Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

30 September, 2017

[TV] The Incredible Hulk - Pilot Episode (1977)

So I'm watching the pilot episode of the TV series The Incredible Hulk, when I ask myself what car does David Banner trash when he first turns into the hulk.  Turns out to be a 1971 Toyota Celica. 

There is actually a website dedicated to helping you find what car what in what movie or TV series.   The Internet Movie Cars Database  (a pun on IMDB).    See it here

Happier times.

Need a lift?

17 September, 2017

[MUSIC] Ailee- Don't Touch Me / U&I

Super-talented Korean singer I've followed that last while.  Crowd is in a total frenzy, then you realize... this isn't even in Korea.  It's in Mexico!

03 September, 2017

11th Anniversary of my blog

A reminder to myself of this blog's anniversary has also reminded me of how much I've neglected updating this blog!  Going forward my focus will be more on T-shirt designs, but there is also rumors that I might be creating a few new cartoons!  Stay tuned for more news, as well as several promotions per month where you can save 10% to 25% off items in my store http://bit.ly/CoolDesigns

I'll throw in a few random posts as well regarding life events, music, movies etc.  Afterall, there is a little bit of narcissism in all of us!