Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

24 January, 2016

The Paid Assassin

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18 January, 2016

[MUSIC] Glenn Frey - You Belong To The City

Glenn Frey - Rolling Stone Article

Another musician from my youth passing away. I actually remember him most from his solo contribution to the Miami Vice Soundtrack album way back in 1985. At the time, there was probably nothing 'cooler' on tv.

16 January, 2016

The scourge of selfies...

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11 January, 2016

[MUSIC] David Bowie - Heroes

[MUSIC] David Bowie - Heroes

  Shocking news that David Bowie passed away yesterday. Anyone who remembers Live Aid in 1985 will say Queen stole the show, but personally my favorite performance was David Bowie's Heroes.

09 January, 2016



Sharing another music video discovered during my journey into K-Pop.  I must not be the only one as the show Family Guy had an episode just last week where they traveled to Korea, and discovered K-Pop as well.   As Peter said, after seeing a music video of an all-girl K-Pop group, "What is this, and how can I be part of it!"

Heo Youngji as the girlfriend, and female cyborg

The following video by VIXX is one I can only describe as *EPIC*

Probably the best sci-fi themed music video I've ever seen.  It's subtitled but music like this transcends language.


Alternative Video with just the drama scenes


More about the song

[CARTOON] Credit Card Terror

[CARTOON] Credit Card Terror

A modified version of a cartoon I made 8 years ago. Now with extra threat level.

Now available in a variety of of products including this mug, at the STORE

A novel gift for the spendthrift in your life