Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

12 December, 2015

Changes Ahead - Blog Relaunch of www.PastExpiry.com

Changes Ahead - Blog Relaunch

Friends, Enemies, and those indifferent,

Today marks the relaunch of my blog "Past Expiry."   The year 2015 marked a low point in updates (29), the lowest since I started this cartoon blog in 2006.  Part of the reason was I was more focused on other things, and uninspired as far as humor goes. 2015 was a very nondescript year.

Another reason for my blog relaunch is to to post things here that I would normally share on Facebook that are not cartoons (mine or others'). Facebook is just plain weird.  I tend to get more feedback and comments from total strangers than people I actually know.  I'll still do facebook updates, but it will be done for me automatically through this blog, which has a much wider audience.

Some of the more obvious changes will be non-cartoon postings.  Each post will be prefaced with a category tag like [MUSIC], [MOVIES], [MISC], [myLIFE], and so on.  I will try to keep the majority of my updates positive.   If you see a category you're not interested in, it will be your cue to ignore it. The key is not to complain about it; learn from Bill in this example:

Comments are moderated, so if you have nothing constructive to say, or are just plain hateful, I will delete your comment, find out where you live, and give you a wedgie.

Johnny Ancich

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