Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

28 December, 2015

[DESIGN] Classic Sailing Ships and Anchor

[DESIGN] Classic Sailing Ships and Anchor

Newest designs in my store on up to 31 different products

Classic Sailing Ship 02
Classic Sailing Ship 02
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Classic Anchor
Classic Anchor
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Classic Sailing Ship 01
Classic Sailing Ship 01

24 December, 2015

[MUSIC] Non-Nauseating Christmas Music

[MUSIC] Non-Nauseating Christmas Music

Merry Christmas to all.

J Rabbit
J Rabbit

It took an exhaustive search, but I managed to find an example of non-nauseating Christmas music. This is from a cute duo in South Korea, called J Rabbit. Much better than the commercialized crap that North American artists put out when their careers are either over or waning.

Throw them some YouTube likes.

..and support them on iTunes Link

22 December, 2015

[MUSIC] Fantastic Baby. The little drummer girl.

[MUSIC] The little drummer girl.

Found this drummer girl on some random Facebook post, back in the summer. Don't bother listening to the vocals; they're in Korean, other than a few instances of "Fantastic Baby!"


Today I found another version:


S. White and Vela Blue just chilling and having a grand time doing what they love. I think the word "adorkable" was coined with S. White in mind! She seems like a really fun person to be around. A serious goofball and a darned fine drummer.

Throw some likes and views her way. And STOP supporting crap like Miley Cyrus. Seriously. Stop.


Gangnam Style!

Enjoy what you do, and it will even cross language barriers.

19 December, 2015

17 December, 2015

[CARTOON] Zero Accident-Free Days

[CARTOON] Zero Accident-Free Days

Cartoon 1428 now availabe as a shirt, mug, etc
Cartoon 1428 now available as a shirt, mug, etc

Available at my store:

13 December, 2015

[MUSIC] I - Taeyeon

[MUSIC] I - Taeyeon

5 STARS out of 5

Hands down my favorite song, and music video of 2015, and it's not even English!  Visually stunning scenery.  If New Zealand doesn't use this video to promote tourism, then they're idiots.

I found this gem of a song a week ago, followed by a version with English subs, only to find out later that the translated subs were WRONG!  Sometimes if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. So, I made my own subtitled video!  The lyrics are mostly from kpoplyrics.net, but with 5 lines replaced by the lyrics from kpopviral.com which made more sense and rhymed better in English in my head.  I was going to say sing, but I don't sing.  I think the (useless) UN passed a resolution against that.


Bit.ly short link:  http://bit.ly/Taeyeon_I

I found this song entirely by accident.  I was looking for an episode of Hawaii Five O because it prominently featured Grace Park's character (because she's cute), followed by reading wikipedia entry about Grace Park (who grew up in Vancouver... cool), which lead to more searches, which led to a mention of a new music video by Psy (which I just had to watch, although it wasn't great), which happened to have a suggested video of some song called 'I' (in YouTube's side column), which 'I' clicked on 'for the heck of it, because she's really cute'.

Buy her song/album at:
iTunes (link)

Here's my short clip of a Korean music video countdown with a bit of humor added to the end by yours truly.

I love this guy's video reaction Taeyeon's song.  Apparently doing videos of your reaction to new music videos is a real 'thing' on YouTube these days.


Most watched music video in America and World for October 2015
Over 100,000 album sales for month of October
No. 1 Digital Chart for month of October
11 music show wins, 3 triple crowns (charting #1 for 3 weeks in a row at a popular Korean music countdown show)

Not bad for a solo debut.

While watching a video featuring the Korean top 40, I noticed three things:

  • There are a lot of boy bands (typically 5 or 7 members, but more is better)
  • There are a lot of girl bands (typically 6 or 9 members)
  • Probably half have a least one English word or phrase in the lyrics.

12 December, 2015

Changes Ahead - Blog Relaunch of www.PastExpiry.com

Changes Ahead - Blog Relaunch

Friends, Enemies, and those indifferent,

Today marks the relaunch of my blog "Past Expiry."   The year 2015 marked a low point in updates (29), the lowest since I started this cartoon blog in 2006.  Part of the reason was I was more focused on other things, and uninspired as far as humor goes. 2015 was a very nondescript year.

Another reason for my blog relaunch is to to post things here that I would normally share on Facebook that are not cartoons (mine or others'). Facebook is just plain weird.  I tend to get more feedback and comments from total strangers than people I actually know.  I'll still do facebook updates, but it will be done for me automatically through this blog, which has a much wider audience.

Some of the more obvious changes will be non-cartoon postings.  Each post will be prefaced with a category tag like [MUSIC], [MOVIES], [MISC], [myLIFE], and so on.  I will try to keep the majority of my updates positive.   If you see a category you're not interested in, it will be your cue to ignore it. The key is not to complain about it; learn from Bill in this example:

Comments are moderated, so if you have nothing constructive to say, or are just plain hateful, I will delete your comment, find out where you live, and give you a wedgie.

Johnny Ancich

02 December, 2015

Vote for Blitzen!

My design got approved on Threadless Tees.   Voting, and a discounted price is now active for the next 10 days.    A perfect gift for the hard to buy person!

Vote Here.

Note: shirt features just the design;  no frame, no title, no link.