Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

17 February, 2014

[CARTOON] Sochi Toilets

Cartoon about olympics, sports, viral,

Inspired by the photos of various construction errors spotted at the start of the Sochi Olympics.

Cartoon about olympics, sports, viral,

13 February, 2014

[E-Card] Valentine Savings

Cartoon about Ecard, dating, money, Valentines, relationships,

I'm single, and I approve this message...

11 February, 2014

[CARTOON] Mixed Feelings Valentine

Cartoon about Ecard, Valentines, relationships,

Sitting on the fence? Send this card and see if she has a sense of humour...

08 February, 2014

[CARTOON] 2014 Sochi Olympics

Cartoon about logo, olympics, spoof, sports, winter,

I think the media's portrayal of potential terrorism is a little over the top.

... a few improvements to the above cartoon:

01 February, 2014