Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

31 December, 2013

[CARTOON] New Year 2014

Cartoon about death, NewYears,

2013 was kinda lackluster for me. How about you?

30 December, 2013

[CARTOON] Best New Year 2014 cartoon ever!

Cartoon about holiday, NewYears,

Well, maybe not, but perhaps it will spur some comments on my blog. Pipe-wrench anyone?

25 December, 2013

[LIFE] Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from the friendly staff at www.PastExpiry.com ! Enjoy the elevator ride to 2014:

19 December, 2013


Cartoon about

Tip: Always use a credit card at a chain store, and not a debit card. The credit card takes the loss if someone makes illegal purchases with your card. With a debit card, they just take the money straight from your account.

Inspired by the news story (Link)

07 December, 2013

01 December, 2013

[CARTOON] What is for Dinner?

Cartoon about baby, birds, restaurant,

Edible - good to eat and wholesome to digest, as a worm to a toad, a toad to a snake, a snake to a pig, a pig to a man, and a man to a worm. [cue the Circle of Life music from The Lion King]