Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

26 July, 2013

[CARTOON] Royal Birth Mother

Cartoon about baby, Mother's Day, Royal, pun,

Pip. Pip. Cherio!

25 July, 2013

[CARTOON] Royal Playpen

Cartoon about British, kids, power, Royal,

21 July, 2013

[CARTOON] Cotton Candy

Cartoon about fair, food, kids, products, summer,

It is a real bummer when your cotton candy contains 25 percent polyester.

19 July, 2013

[Life] Published in Germany

Neat. A few days ago I received a copy of a 98 page lesson plan from a company called Stark. The company is located in Germany and plans to sell 2,000 of these to teachers in German-speaking territories, for 20 Euros a copy. I gave them permission to use my polar bear cartoon, way back in January. I was surprised to find that my cartoon was not just put in for entertainment, but part of a school exercise. Who know my carton was so deep?




STARK publishing
My Polar Bear Cartoon

12 July, 2013

[ LIFE ] Cartoon published in Australia

Neat. Late yesterday I received a book in the mail that had come all the way from Australia. My cartoon is on page 19 of the book "Mind Training for Swimming Fast" by Julie Robinson... first time I've been published in a book! I gave the author permission to use my cartoon about 6 months ago while the book was still being written.

Link to my cartoon
Link to the book's author

10 July, 2013

07 July, 2013

[CARTOON] A-hole

Cartoon about cliche, business, wisdom,

Other variations:
There's no I in team... But there's a "U" in murder.
There's no I in team... Well, yeah, but there's no u either, so shut up!
There's no I in team... but there is one in KISS MY ASS!!
Coach:there is no I in the word TEAM John
John: no coach, just M and E

04 July, 2013

[CARTOON] Too Much News Coverage

Cartoon about crime, news, published, Canada,

An oldie. Published on March 22, 2007 in the paper 24 Hours (Toronto, Circulation 354,000). Most Americans probably aren't familiar with Conrad Black, but you can pretty much substitute any name that is in the news too much lately.
All about Conrad Black