Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

31 January, 2012

[CARTOON] Vader and me

Cartoon about 3D, cartoon, DarthVader, StarWars, technology,

29 January, 2012

[CARTOON] Famous Hero

Cartoon about 3D, cartoon, genie, relationships

25 January, 2012

[CARTOON] Dinner Choices

Cartoon about flowchart, cartoon, diet, food,

All about Drano

The horror....

05 January, 2012

[CARTOON] Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Cartoon about cartoon, celebrity, internet

If your web browser happens to be sized so that the right half of the wikipedia page is not shown, you get some interesting results. For the past month of so, Wikipedia had been fundraising with appeals from various article writers, editors and the founder, all of who had their picture posted right above the title of whatever person, place or thing you had just searched for.