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Welcome to my blog.

14 October, 2010

[CARTOON] Chilean Miners' Sponsors!

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Cartoon image of Johnny Ancich. Creator of Past Expiry Cartoon.

Some jokes and puns from Twitter and other sources:

If I'm a Chilean miner, and I get pulled out of the shaft, my first question: Who do I talk to about overtime?

Great job rescuing those Chilean miners. In my opinion, the best "saving people from a hole in the ground" operation since Baby Jessica.

These Chilean miners are really stealing Baby Jessica's thunder.

The first thing the last miner rescued said was "I've just finished a 70 day shift"

I just got a piece of popcorn out of my teeth that's been stuck all day. So yeah, I know how those miners are feeling.

I still think we should all dressed up like Planet of the Apes when we pulled out the Chilean miners. THAT would of made good tV!

76% of Texans are wondering why their flag is flying at the Chilean mine site.

AApparently today is comign out day in Chile.

Hmmph! I've been trapped at my desk at work plenty of times and no one ever comes to rescue me.

Why are we watching a live internet stream of men exiting a hole? Isn't this using the internet backwards?

Boy, are those Chilean miners going to be tired when they return to work at 5 in the morning tomorrow.

Party criticizes Chile for interfering in China's affairs by setting unrealistic expectations for value of miners' lives

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