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Welcome to my blog.

08 August, 2010

[CARTOON] Gulf Coast Weather Girl

[CARTOON] Gulf Coast Weather Girl.  images, pictures, women, US, pollution, weather, environment, oil, cartoon, business

Cartoon image of Johnny Ancich. Creator of Past Expiry Cartoon.

Gulf Coast Weather Girl is a bit misleading, as it is the cartoon-ized version of Lisa Rodriguez who is a TV Meteorologist & Spokesmodel in New York. Lisa holds a Master's degree from California State University and is an Award-Winning Oil Painting Artist. When Lisa is not painting or working on television, she enjoys volunteering for her favorite charity (www.Foodonfoot.org) with her family.

Her paintings can be found at Lisa's Oil Paintings

Her favourite charity can be found at Food on Foot

LISA: Wow! Very funny! I absolutely love it! You are terrific! Thank you so so much!

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Anonymous said...

Hot weather gal...funny stuff

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff and hot weather gal

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff...hot weather girl

Anonymous said...

Lisa Rodriguez is one hot weather girl. nice to see her image in a fun cartoon.

Johnny Ancich said...

Yes, she is quite fetching.

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