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Welcome to my blog.

20 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Olympic Medal Podium

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Canada is set to win a record number of medals at the 2010 Winter Games, according to an academic who has accurately predicted Olympic medal counts since 2000.

"Canada for the first time ever will win the most Olympic medals of any nation at the Games, 27 medals," said Daniel Johnson, an associate professor of economics at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. His prediction for the top 4:

Canada 27 (gee, not much breathing room)
USA 26
Norway 26
Germany 20

Accuracy rate of Johnson's predictions for total medals won by a country:

2008 Beijing Summer Games: 93%
2006 Torino Winter Games: 93%
2004 Athens Summer Games: 94%
2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games: 94%
2000 Sydney Summer Games: 95%

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