Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

30 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Toyota Sticky Accelerator

[CARTOON] Toyota.  images, pictures, cartoon, crash, news, rides, recall, safety, cars

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27 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Apple iTampon

[CARTOON] Apple iTampon iPad.  images, pictures, advertising, Apple, cartoon, computers, spoof, technology

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24 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Urine sample

[CARTOON] Urine sample, cartoon, doctor, health, medicine, images, pictures, image, picture

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22 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Olympic Rings

[CARTOON] Olympic Rings. cartoon, hockey, games, olympics, sports, winter, summer, images, pictures, image, picture

"Endorsements, endorsements, endorsements..."

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20 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Olympic Medal Podium

[CARTOON] Olympic Medal Podium , images, pictures, image, picture, cartoon, sports, olympics, winter, summer

Canada is set to win a record number of medals at the 2010 Winter Games, according to an academic who has accurately predicted Olympic medal counts since 2000.

"Canada for the first time ever will win the most Olympic medals of any nation at the Games, 27 medals," said Daniel Johnson, an associate professor of economics at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. His prediction for the top 4:

Canada 27 (gee, not much breathing room)
USA 26
Norway 26
Germany 20

Accuracy rate of Johnson's predictions for total medals won by a country:

2008 Beijing Summer Games: 93%
2006 Torino Winter Games: 93%
2004 Athens Summer Games: 94%
2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games: 94%
2000 Sydney Summer Games: 95%

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15 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Camel Parking

[CARTOON] Camel Parking , images, pictures, image, picture, animals, cartoon, Dubai, cars, shopping

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10 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Jesus saves!

[CARTOON] Jesus saves!  , images, pictures, image, picture, cartoon, hockey, games, pun, religion, sports, spoof, US, Canada, winter, olympics

"Today's cartoon is based on a funny T-shirt I saw of Jesus making a diving save in front of a soccer net. Canada and hockey weren't sufficiently represented which brings us to my version."

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06 January, 2010


[CARTOON] Wii Fit , images, pictures, image, picture, cartoon, entertainment, games, health, kids, diet, wii, fit

"Time of the year again when thoughts turn to losing weight. You can either take in less calories to lose weight, or expend more calories than you take in. This cartoon looks at an alternative to the Wii Fit, and potential money-maker for Nintendo..."

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02 January, 2010

[CARTOON] Apple Ipod 2010

[CARTOON] Apple Ipod 2010 , images, pictures, image, picture, advertising, business, cartoon, Apple, music, movie, spoof, technology, toy

"When it comes to an Apple Iphone, or Ipod Touch, is there any app (application) that doesn't exist for it? Gotta go poop? There's an app for that! Need to navigate through the year 2010... yup, there's an app for that!"

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01 January, 2010

[LIFE] About Me

Over 50 things about me.
I'll keep adding to this whenever the mood strikes me.

1. I've had 49 cartoons published in the US (Rhode Island's Mercury; circulation 10,0000), 78 in Canada (Toronto's 24 Hours; circulation 354,000).
2. I have had a web site or blog, in one form or another, since the year 2000.
3. My first pet was a chicken
4. I ate my first pet (long story)
5. My license plates starts with 'ASMN'. I like to think it is short for ASsMaN.
6. Black Rain is the best cop movie ever!
7. I prefer the toilet paper to roll off the top
8. My name is Johnny! Were you able to guess!
9. I like to program; currently using Visual Basic 6
10. I Google for my name every now and then
11. I was an avid coin collector when I was a kid
12. I am a stock­ings man. Yes, I love a woman in stock­ings.
13. I eat gummy bears by biting the heads off first.
14. I never had braces; my teeth are naturally straight.
15. I don’t believe in reincarnation; its all crap.
16. I will say without equivocation: the theme song and title credits from "Hawaii Five-0" are the greatest in television history
17. In spite of problems, I still think NASA is cool.
18. I collect old autographed pictures of astronauts and space exploration.
19. My favorite scents- vanilla, and 'weekend'
20. I read only non-fiction.
21. I prefer eye glasses to contact lenses.
22. My blood type is O-
23. I’m not “religious,” but will gladly send around a collection plate.
24. I've had my driver's license since I was 16.
25. I once donated blood in highschool just to impress a girl.
26. My full name is an anagram of 'A cinch, Johnny'
27. I’m not sure what I want to do when I grow up.
28. I never get popcorn when I see a movie.
29. I do not own a hair dryer.
30. I don't have anything pierced
31. I had my appendix out when I was a kid. Supposedly it burst during the operation.
32. I look forward to selling out one day. Really. Make me an offer.
33. I think fireflies are the coolest bugs ever.
34. I occasionally work "That's What She Said" jokes into conversations.
35. I'm writing this list for sympathy and attention.
36. Favorite color- metallic gold.
37. I believe there is an appropriate Simpsons quote for every occassion, and that, if someone can quote The Simpsons they can't be all bad.
38. When it comes to technology, I love things that are shiny and new. Gadgets make me very happy, expect the ones with monthly fees.
39. I have NO tattoos.
40. I graduated college
41. I took art up to grade 12.
42. One of my favorite foods ever is Nutella
43. I spoke quite a bit of Croatian before I started Kindergarden. I mostly remember just the bad words now.
44. My ex-wifes birthday is September 11. i.e. 9/11
45. I will watch how absolutely anything is made.  It doesn’t matter.  You show me a show where they are making something, and I’m hooked.  Pencils.  Lawn Mowers.  Light bulbs.  Snickers bars.  Anything.
46. It still know the combination to my locker from 8th grade. 9-50-30
47. I really love weekends.
48. Weird Al Yankovick sings the funniest songs ever written.
49. In grade 2 (or was it 3?) we had to learn to sing songs as a class. I would regularly lip sync and never got caught.
50. I have no desire to jump out of a plane.
51. I prefer recorded music as opposed to live concerts
52. "Google me" to find out more about me