Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

30 December, 2007

[CARTOON] Christmas Gift Returns

Why use long line-ups to disuade shoppers from returning merchandise to the store, when you can just hire Koko!

28 December, 2007

[CARTOON] Martha Stewart Taser

Keep your taser warm this holiday season with this easy to make taser cozy!

26 December, 2007

[CARTOON] Snow Removal Made Easy

That time of the year again when chatter turns to stories of how long it took for the plows to clear the streets after the winter storm(s).

25 December, 2007

[CARTOON] Christmas Mass

Amaze your friends with saying Merry Christmas in these different languages:

Korean - Sung Tan Chuk Ha
Hawaiian - Mele Kalikimaka & Hauoli Makahiki Hou
Mongolian - Zul saryn bolon shine ony mend devshuulye
Tasmanian - munto ag lag unti frinto ling dum ach tak
Zulu - Sinifesela Ukhisimusi Omuhle Nonyaka Omusha Onempumelelo

22 December, 2007

[CARTOON] Gift Cards

Well, it's Christmas time and there is always that one person (or two) that are hard to buy for. I was thinking about that this morning in a half-groggy state when this cartoon idea hit me.

18 December, 2007

Cartoon about office budgets

If you're on Toronto city council, you get an office budget of $53,000. Recent reports of mis-spending the office budgets on limo rides, expresso machines and even bunny suits inspired the cartoon. They're coming out with new spending rules but not until spring... it's Christmas time afterall.

16 December, 2007

Cartoon about smoking in cars

In Canada, one province has already banned smoking in cars in which there are children under 18 present. But what if your kid smokes?

Cartoon published December 13, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

14 December, 2007

Cartoon about Major League Baseball

...and here I thought that the current Major League Baseball logo was a batter holding a bat. Nope, it was a syringe full of steroids!

Link to the Mitchell Report: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitchell_Report_(baseball)

Cartoon published December 20, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

12 December, 2007

Cartoon about fake bombs

Last year the museum in Toronto opened a new addition to the musem called "The Crystal" (pictured in the cartoon) to a fair amount of critism. Last week a Toronto art student put a fake bomb in an alley next to the city's museum as part of his "art project". Police were called in and a charity function at the museum had to be cancelled costing the charity over $100,000... and inspired a cartoon.

10 December, 2007

Cartoon about City Hall spending

This cartoon almost wrote itself. Last week a city councillor in Toronto was punished for not spending a penny of his $53,000 office budget. Instead he paid for stationary and the like with his OWN money. All this in a city that is forecast to have a 300 million dollar budget shortfall.

08 December, 2007

Cartoon about tasers

Two taser related deaths in one week prompted the question: What do you get the taser enthusiast for Christmas?

07 December, 2007

Cartoon about Global Warming

An "oldy" that I threw in with a fresh batch of cartoons for my editor in Toronto. Last week there were winter storm warnings in EVERY part of Canada with the exception of the NorthWest Territories (the land closest to the north pole). Go figure!

Cartoon published December 6, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

03 December, 2007

[CARTOON] Underage Driver

Based on a true Toronto news story in which a 14 year old was able to buy and drive a car before he crashed it. In the same week, there were reports of a person masquerading at night as a taxi driver. He would take your visa card, then hand you back a fake one. Hopefully there are no fake proctologists out there...