Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

30 November, 2007

[CARTOON] The Grey Cup

This cartoon was inspired by the Grey Cup (Canada's equivalent of the superbowl in the Canadian Football League), and an old commercial for Grey Poupon.

For those not familiar with the Grey Poupon commercial, there's a scene about it in the Wayne's World movie. I also found a link to the original commerical on YouTube at....


PS: Saskatchewan beat Winnipeg.

29 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Endangered species

Meet four endangered species of Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately 3 of the 4 can't sell their land to residential developers for a few million bucks.

Please feel free to visit my blog and vote using the newly installed "5 star" ranking system. Your feedback is invaluable. Although this cartoon was picked by the editor for publication, there were 7 others in the batch that I thought were "better". I will post some of those in the days to come....

Cartoon published November 29, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

28 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Affordable Housing

Based on a true story. Located in Southern Ontario, the Region of Peel is comprised of the City of Brampton, City of Mississauga and the Town of Caledon.
The population of Peel is approximately one million, which represents 8.7% of Ontario’s population. It is growing rapidly. Peel has the second-fastest rate of population growth in Ontario and one of the fastest in Canada. This rate of growth puts pressure on every corner of the community and exacerbates many of the challenges faced. Keeping up with the growth has become virtually impossible for agencies seeking to deliver services and programs. Waiting lists for social services are increasing. Delays in receiving services can create new, more serious problems. Among the many problems are children with mental illness or developmental disabilities going untreated. The explosive population growth has precipitated an urgent need for an increase in social and health services, as well as housing, schools and transportation. But financial resources have been limited in addressing these issues. The waiting list for affordable housing is 21 years!

24 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Auto sector

Inspired by the old adage: if you think you have it bad, someone else probably has it worse.

22 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Santa Claus Parade 2007

Mix in a Santa Claus parade with some toy recalls, and you get an outstanding parade float idea...

Cartoon published November 22, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

21 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Dogs Playing Poker

Inspired by those famous paintings of dogs playing poker.

Everything you wanted to know about dogs playing poker but were afraid to ask:

Click Here

20 November, 2007

[CARTOON] World's Largest Odour Eater

Recently a Guiness World Record was set in Toronto for the largest Christmas stocking full of gifts for the less fortunate. The cartoon above features Toronto City Hall in the background (grin).

Here's a link to the photo:

18 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Aqua Dots

Aquadots, or Aqua Dots as they are sometimes called, have been recalled from all US retailers. The recall is over whether a Chinese subcontractor replaced a glue component with one that mimics the effect of rohypnol, the so called date rape drug. Thus if a child swallows some of the beads they can become comatose, as has happened to at least two children.

If you were a fiction writer, you just couldn't come up with something like this.

15 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Curious George gets recalled

Recently there was yet another toy recall. Curious George dolls were found to contain 10 times the legal maximum amount of lead. News is George did not take the news well from the Man in the Yellow Hat.

Cartoon published November 15, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

13 November, 2007

12 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Barney the Dinosaur

In Toronto they're going to do a trial run with some intersections where there is high pedestrian traffic. These 'scramble zones' will stop trafic in all 4 directions then allow pedestrians to cross from corner to corner; even diagonally if they choose. Another name for 'scramble zones' is 'turkey walks'. Not exactly a leading edge new idea; we had these in my hometown when I was 5 (about 34 years ago).

10 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Auto Layoffs

They say for every job lost in auto manufacturing, there are 4 (and some say as high as 10) other jobs dependant on the industry that are lost... and probably some you'd never think of.

08 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Mass Transit

With all the talk of climate change and global warming it's often mentioned how using mass transit can reduce your carbon footprint. At the same time, the cost of riding the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) buses and subways, just went up. Go figure.

Cartoon published November 8, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000

[Video] MGM Lion spoof

Viewership of my first video submission to YouTube recently passed a milestone of being viewed over 50,000 times. Clink the link below to see my copy of it.


03 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Condos

Seems like every old abandoned factory in my city are being converted to lofts or condos.

01 November, 2007

[CARTOON] Privacy Issues

In Toronto, the Transit commission (TTC) is installing cameras on all of it's buses and should be done by next May. One man's tool to catch criminals is another man's privacy issue. Some creative entreprenuers might make some money off of this...

Cartoon published November 1, 2007
"24 Hours" (page 6)
circulation: 354,000