Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

29 January, 2007

Photo Challenge Finalist

Recently I threw "my hat in the ring" and entered a photo challenge at http://rickmercer.com/ The challenge was to take the supplied photo of a Canadian politician and change it to something satirical. The attached photo (my entry) made it to the "final 17". Here's my politician pulling an "OJ"....

To view the other 16 finalists, visit http://rickmercer.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.gallery&challengeId=53&seasonId=2
visit http://rickmercer.com/ and click on "Dion" under the heading "Challenge Highlights"

27 January, 2007


Published last Thursday in "24 Hours"

Inspired by recent news stories about counterfeit subway tokens, as well as counterfeit $20 bills...

22 January, 2007

Is the Bus late again?

Published just last Thursday in Toronto's "24 Hours" paper (circulation 354,000).

A lot a delays, cancellations with the city's commuter busses and trains. So what's a guy to do? Draw a cartoon about it!

16 January, 2007

This is my Mom, and this is my Mom.

Another published cartoon... poking fun at a local court decision that a child can have TWO moms. I can see the birthday gift showdowns now...