Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

26 October, 2006


You just KNOW this is going to happen...


Halloween is coming. How do they celebrate it in warmer climates??

No 22 on "24"

Published in the October 26th issue of Toronto's "24 Hours". Poking a little fun at the Canadian Government's recently released "Green Plan" on the enviroment...

20 October, 2006

Chad Vader!

I found this video on someone else's blog and found it way too funny not to share. You will need highspeed internet to view it properly.

Chad Vader -- Day Shift Manager: Episode 4

Fresh from Blame Society Films comes the latest CHAD VADER installment. Fun stuff, as always, and the guy doing Vader's voice is spot-on.

21st cartoon in "24 Hours"

Yesterday's issue of Toronto's "24 Hours" features my cartoon for the 6th week in a row. Maybe I can ask them for an office with a window seat?

Past Expiry now in Rhode Island!

Past Expiry cartoons were recently published in The Mercury; a Rhode Island paper with a circulation of 10,000. This week's cartoon features a lesser know Care Bear, while last weeks featured a Back to School theme. Click here to see

12 October, 2006


Here's a cartoon along the same theme as the previous one. The editor said it was a little "strong". The bigger question though is, who the heck drinks carrot juice? Seriously, where I live they recalled Organic carrot juice for botulism. Mmmmmm, carrot juice.... Mmmmmmmm ..... botulism.

20th cartoon published

Check out today's issue of Toronto's "24 Hours" http://toronto.24hrs.ca/pdf/cover.pdf (page 6) to see the latest cartoon of mine unleased onto an unsuspecting public.... or just look here-->

07 October, 2006

19th Cartoon published.

Typical news story: A city, a waterfront, an expressway that's an eyesore, and a huge bill to remove it. My solution is neat and tidy.