Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog.

30 September, 2006

Tie Domi

Recently NHL player Tie Domi retired His penalty minutes outnumbered his goals by 10:1. He's even more famous now for having an affair with Canadian MP / Billionaire heiress Belinda Stronach. Supposedly he also had an affair with Tia Carrere ( Wayne's World ... Schwing! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000119/ )

Here are some cartoons spoofing his retirement and new found fame.

18th Cartoon published

E coli in Spinach? What next??
This cartoon appeared in the September 28th issue of "24 Hours"

21 September, 2006

17th cartoon published

In today's issue of 24 Hours http://toronto.24hrs.ca/

18 September, 2006

Sean Penn

Well, the Toronto Film festival wrapped up. The highlight? Sean Penn smoking at a press conference inside a public building (hotel) thus breaking a bylaw. All those filmakers upstaged by a cigarette...

16 September, 2006

Ford Layoffs

Lots of layoffs and plant closures at Ford. One plant in particular, EVERYONE was affected...

Space station

Well, looks like the shuttle crew lost a couple bolts installing the new truss on the international space station.....


Last Thursday, a Toronto paper published my "film festival" cartoon (see #334, September 9th post). Here are some other cartoons I created around the same time. One deals with friendly fire that strafed Canadian troops in Afghanistan, while the other pokes a little fun at another regional airline in Canada closing up shop.

13 September, 2006

Coffee in Space

Today only the 2nd Canadian in history took a spacewalk outside the space shuttle to help attach the new truss to the international space station. The only thing more Canadian than hockey is probably Tim Horton's coffee (they pretty much have a coffee place on every street corner in Canada).

11 September, 2006

Computer Crash

Many flights delay for many hours in Toronto recently. Threat? Terrorists? Nope... just a good old fashioned computer crash.

09 September, 2006

Film Festival

Toronto this week is the site of an international film festival. Some big name stars are coming, and some not-so big stars.

07 September, 2006

That cartoon about the lottery

At work I run a lottery pool, and this last Friday we came annoyingly close to winning it all ($5 Million), but in the end had to settle for $10.

Our Ticket............ 14 24 26 30 36 42 45
winning numbers 14 24 28 29 32
42 45
Off by.................................. 2..1.. 4

This message brought to you by cartoon # 320.

06 September, 2006

Free Beer!

Ok, it was just root beer, but someone left a case of Diet A&W rootbeer in one of the shopping carts which I discovered when I returned my cart to the "Cart Control Area". If it's yours, it's too late! * Burp!*

Ironically, just before I paid for my groceries I bought this exact same brand of pop. (cue twilight zone music).

Liquid explosives

This cartoon was made a few weeks ago when the terrorist plot was foiled in Britain. There was talk of liquid explosives which lead to my cartoon spoof of bottled water. It's not Disani, it's Osami!

04 September, 2006

Traffic Planning

Here in North America there are car pool lanes, but what about in hot spots around the world?

03 September, 2006

Recently published cartoon

With ultra-high security at airports, you just have to wonder if this is next....

[CARTOON] Toronto Garbage

"This one will probably only "hit the spot" to those that live in Toronto or Michigan. Currently there are 8-10 truck trailers of trashing going back and forth between Toronto and Michigan. What a waste of gas!"

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[CARTOON] Back to School


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